ZG BlogHi, I’m Zovig. I’m a searcher, I ask questions, completely overthink things, try everything, forever a learner, love a little glamour and hate pretentiousness.  I lived in New York for nearly 17 years and in March 2018, I relocated to Seattle.  I work in learning and development by way of a long career in media, and I teach yoga.

This blog started as a place to share the progression of my health (when I discovered I had Graves’ and Hyperthyroidism October 2017) and the discoveries I’ve made through that lens, some about health, all of them about life.  It’s since evolved into writing about being a woman, living in exciting cities of intellect and industry, being a professional with creative pursuits, and marveling at how it has taken 40 years to feel at home in my body and get closer to my truest self.

I have kept a journal for my entire life. When I packed up my Brooklyn apartment, I counted 37 of them from when I landed in New York to when I left (Sept 01 – Mar 18). It’s therapeutic, even more so than therapy sometimes. I’ve been in continuous self work since I was 22 – between therapy, yoga teacher training, leadership training, communications training, Landmark Education, work in kinesiology, and reading endless things about personal growth. This pursuit is endlessly gratifying, often frustrating, and immensely valuable.

Photo by Ben Lazar Photography